As first time viewer of Card Captor Sakura, I’ve been blown away by the beauty of her family life. It’s a little unbelievable, and yet there’s something in it that feels nearly attainable. One of the things that clearly draws us to Anime is a sense of finding a better world. One where eyes have literal starts drawn in them.

The episode highlighting how special her relationship with her family, and especially with her father, is episode 122; Sakura and Her Caring Father. Sakura is only 10-years old. She is going through the developmental stage when children find validation from their parents and long to please them (clearly something the disappears during the teen years).

She and Tomoyo work together to make things easier for her father during his preparations for his big presentation. Naturally, it’s beyond sweet that a 10-year old realizes that she is not the center of the world. That she is already able to focus on making life better for those outside of herself. Even big bro Toyo is helping out.

It’s heartbreaking though when unforeseen circumstances, the arrival of a card, upsets the work her father is doing. It’s shocking the extreme amount of responsibility Sakura holds. Not only is she seeking to serve her father as a good daughter, but she also must right a mistake that she can’t even tell him about. Of letting the cards out.

When she makes a mess of things though, her father responds in a kind way. He is not even angry and forgives her on the spot. Or rather he was never mad at her in the first place. It is never clear whether or not Sakura forgives herself. Kero urges her to stop being upset because her father has already forgiven her. It will be interesting to see, as a first-time viewer, if Sakura is able to come to a greater understanding and forgiveness of herself. If she is able to accept that sometimes things will go wrong and no one is to blame.

Up to this point, we more see her working extremely hard to try and be perfect. An impossible goal. This moment of destroying her father’s work is yet another slip. And she immediately seeks to right the harm done. Even though unintentional. She works hard always, despite still being a little girl.

Watch the episode on Crunchyroll here.



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