Being broke isn’t all bad. It makes you contemplate the really important things in life. Like whether to subscribe to Netflix or Hulu.

Netflix generally takes the cake as the classic standby. After all, from word on the street, most people don’t even pay for their own account but mooch off, or at least split the cost with others. However, if you’re a serial killer like Dexter, or just anti-social af and don’t have family ties to speak of, booting the bill comes down to you. And usually, considering each person only has one set of eyes and can only watch one thing at a time, it makes sense to choose between either Netflix or Hulu and save the extra 12 bucks for sadder days.

At least this is my rationale. So recently – after finishing OITNB, Girl Boss, HoC, and JTV – I decided to switch over to Hulu. I’m not sure exactly where the idea sprung from. Mostly I found myself missing the little stuff, like the Regular Show. But there are other benefits and drawbacks to Hulu.

1. The Cartoons are Better

I love the cartoon options on Hulu. Albeit, there’s no bo-jack horseman, but there is the Regular Show, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, and a LOT of Adult Swim shows. Plus, they have a better selection of Anime than Netflix, which is huge for me. Every once in awhile you just need some Prince of Tennis.

2. Hulu offers really cool, after live, television

I haven’t watched SNL in ages. Except for the few clips that will appear in my feed and that I actually click on. Hulu, however, offers SNL the day after AND it organizes it for you. I watched the Thursday Night Weekend Update Friday night. I also watched Jimmy Fallon. Man, I must say, I’d forgotten how much I love late night comedy sketches.

3. Extra Money out the Wazoo

So I’ve been watching Dexter. I knew that it was on Hulu so I didn’t think switching over would be a huge thing. Well turns out that Dexter is apart of the Showtime add-on Hulu features. Of course not watching Dexter is NOT an option. So I doled out an extra $8 to watch my current obsession. Totally worth it btw because $8 is still cheaper than the cost of both Netflix and Hulu.

I splurged for the extra non-commercial version of Hulu because Netflix has spoiled me. I swung the extra cost by stopping my Youtube Red subscription. Now I’m still paying about $20 a month for shows, but I have commercials on YouTube again and some short commercials with Dexter – showtime makes you watch a 30-second Showtime ad before all their shows on Hulu. The rest are all included on Hulu and I enjoy SNL and the Regular show ad-free.

There’s also an extra charge if you want HBO shows, including GoT. So far I’ve only seen one GoT and it was great and it was awesome and it was enough (the one where she successfully rides the dragons and sicks this dude’s own dogs on him).

Je Suis trés content.



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