As of Today I’m officially Homeless

I quit my job. I was experiencing harassment. I’m struggling to understand the nature of sexual harassment, but you could say it was of that nature. Especially after reading about Blake and her labeling being filmed sleeping and excessive touching, even if it’s in front of others, as sexual harassment.

My situation was not so complicated as that. He insisted on giving me lots of hugs and holding my hand in public as though we were an item when we were not. He has a wife. That wife is not me.

I hadn’t been working with him directly for a time which was a relief for me, but then last night he insisted on talking with me. He told me that he wanted to have an intimate relationship with me, and yes, if I didn’t want that/give him that he ‘might’ decide that I’m not a good member for the team and therefore fire me.

I quite.

Yay life. Today they gave me free coffee at the café, either pity, love, likely both, either way, I’m grateful. Saving up my money now to hit the road and get a job in Portland and start working in the press/media industry on my own freelancing terms.

“I feel like you’re a girl out of a movie. Driving from city to city writing.”

“It’s like you’re someone out of a sitcom. Living the minimalist lifestyle, selling all your stuff and living out of your car, and you love anime!”

This seems to be the impression I make.

According to Brandon, I am the weird anime girl he tries to avoid. I told him good luck with that and sent him a sassy face SnapChat. Brandon works for SnapChat building filters for the program. He’s been working on some top secret filters that he lets me see here at the café, it makes me feel special and he can’t dread me all that much if he likes to share stuff with me and talk to me. Yes. That’s at least how I logic it.

Photo: Saw this cute mini while out on a walk. 🙂 St Eds. and SoCo in the background.




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