Letter To The Universe

I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume, for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you – Walt Whitman

Whitman seems to write this about his connection to the earth, but it rings just as true for me in this vacuum of space. Though the ultimate relating action right now is David Bowie. As I lie here on my stomach chilling by the port window watching the stars go by moving forward and pulling away from our little ship all at the same time same speed same atoms same strings same everything.

I say ‘our’ because if Whitman is right then this ship belongs to you – universe drifting by – as much as it belongs to me as I lie inside.

I thought I would wait until something interesting happened to begin this log, but everything is so serene here in the vacuum. It’s so quiet I’ve taken to listening to old musicals over and over again until I’ve memorized every line and acted out every individual part.

Current favorite is Hamilton – but it’s depressing as The King is my favorite role – and it’s a very minor one at that even though the rest of the cast are his subjects and therefore below him making those roles, even though some have more lines, less significant.

Okay, really I just like his main song; oops! Number!

“You’ll be back.”

except for…

I won’t.



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