Time Will Tell

“You say, the price of my love is not a price that you’re willing to pay…”

This song has become my anthem and horror as a newly unemployed girl. My friends have been telling me that I need to not be so proud and go back and work for him again and just set up stronger boundaries. To not think of it as them winning, but as me doing what I need to do.

‘Cuz I’ll be back. Time will tell.

But I know the price for working for him. I know his negotiation chip. Sure, I can rejoin the team, if I’m intimate with him and let him know where I am at all times and talk with him about life and whatever else he might happen to need.

‘Forever and ever and ever.’

But I don’t believe that that’s what love, or even work, is or should be. Sure it was a good job that paid really well and I really liked my part on the team, but if I’m not there because of what I do, only because I’m a girl and am there to stroke him, no thank you.

Dear Lord, transitions in life are so uncomfortable and yet interesting.

Im not throwing away shot 10 19 17


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