Doing it With Towels

I wasn’t really convinced of just what all this living out of my car and hitting the road as a homeless jobless person would entail… well in my case, it entails getting rid of a whole lot of towels. I mean boatloads. If the flood came, I could stop it with all my towels, take that Noah!!!

Ah well, what moving really entails and being a traveler really means is stripping your life down to what will fit in the back of your Subaru hatchback. And thank god it’s a hatchback because it’s going to be stuffed to the gills, and I’m really stripping down to the basics.

For example, I know only own one pillow. Yes that is correct, I do however have a squishy pillow that my best friend gave me in the ’00s as a birthday present. That thing has seen me through Jr. High, High School, and college. It’s probably disgusting, but I love it. So I have that and my sleeping pillow … and that’s it! The rest I’ve loaded up, all 5 of them and dumped at the Goodwill bin down the street.

So that and the towels. Boatloads of them. When I moved out at 19 my parents brought over boatloads of random stuff from their house and the grandparents’ house that they didn’t want anymore, mostly towels. I have a fine collection consisting of two large body bath towels, 7 medium body towels, three beach towels, 12 washcloths, seven hand towels, eight kitchen towels, and 15 rags/cleaning clothes. yes. If anything, those numbers are an underestimate.

I realized as I was taking them out of my Lenin closet, something I won’t have the luxury of doing in my car, that I remembered some of the towels from taking baths at the grandparent’s house as a kid… and one of them I recognized as my grandfather’s towel. Once I realized that getting rid of them became much easier. I could be alone on this, but the idea of using my grandfather’s shower towel makes me feel all weird.

I dedicate the below to Brandon. The quote is his.

NSFL brandon octo 22 2017



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