I’m a NEET. Not in Education Employed or Training.

Perhaps that is why I’m so hooked on MMO Junkie. True she’s thirty and I’m in my twenties, but it’s so relatable and adorable the way she lives the minimalist lifestyle and finds solace in an online word.

For starters, it inspired me to make a Gaia account. Now that I’m jobless and homeless why not spend time talking to strangers on an anime based community? Firstly though, I find the fish tank thing rather disappointing and I haven’t figured out how to meet cool people while sitting in trees and looking out over a cool landscape.

Yas, probably the ultimate solution would be to take up hardcore gaming like my old roommate. All those weird Dark Souls games, Dark Souls three, where the gameplay is supernatural fast and there’s that ridiculous extra boss lizard dragon thing right on the first level. So go with two, they tell me, two is more beautiful and easier to get lost in without going insane.

But all those games are shooting and killing stuff, which really doesn’t appeal to me. I was the little kid with computer games like Put Put, 102 Dalmatians, and Frogger. None of which require defeating enemies and all of which have fun colors. Also, I’m I the only one who played Zoombinis? And has anyone ever been successful in getting all the Zoombinis to the new land? I grew old, literally, before I was able to save them all.

Therefore, I’m on the lookout for a legit MMO game/site… I should probably keep shopping around. Oh did I mention though that I just quit my job and am homeless? Money is of the essence.

Ah; at least in the meantime, I can keep simulcasting. Thanks, Crunchyroll.





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