There’s something wrong with my blood.

“It’s women. They don’t have good circulation. At least all the ones I’ve been with don’t. Their extremities are always cold.”

that’s why we have you, buddy. If women had good circulation we would never go to bed with men. This is why my grandmother swears by heated blankets; thank god she didn’t always have one or I wouldn’t be around.

People leave doors open here and think nothing of it. Noone does this in Texas; there’s always bugs and hot air to make it impractical. But here, despite the bone-chilling wet cold, people just leave them open.

Maybe they’re all wearing something else beneath their clothing. Tights, wool socks, and sweats aren’t enough for me. Maybe they’ve got wool hose under those jeans, but it’s beyond me how the one girl over there is just sitting around with a tee shirt on and no coat. That’s what creates this belief that there must be something wrong with me. I mean just wrong with my blood because obviously, I’m cool. 😬

The real concern is it’s the start of November. There isn’t even snow yet. Maybe this is these people’s Fall. If that’s the case, it’s going to be a long cold December – And no Taylor, I won’t be going back all the time.




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