Men. Always in search of the latest deep high and long woman aka the general pursuit of humanoids for happiness. A ceaseless aging in the pursuit of something fleeting. Something always just out of grasp. Sure it’s inspired great shows and is why the notorious ‘Q’ of Star Trek is so ‘fascinated’ by mankind, but really, is it necessary for all the wandering to be so full of pain.

Or maybe it’s not pain. Not finding what you’re looking for again and again and again. Maybe it’s just mind-numbing as a way to dull down the senses for those who are too “aware” of the rambling persistent passing of one state to another.

Meaning, as humans we tend to live in the moment, like dogs or at least those of us who are functioning at a healthy level and as normal members of ‘society’ – whatever that is (I wouldn’t know, and will not pretend here to be a normal functioning member of society. Yes, this is a disclaimer of me covering my ass, so feel free to hate me. I’d hate me too. I do most of the time actually…)

Anyways! To the point, in order to experience happiness is not a level that is just reached one day, but is rather the ability to be happy and fully dwelling in each moment. Yes, not every moment will be happy, but the contentment comes in not being content to stay in the moment, good or bad, but rather keep moving forward in the belief that happiness will come again and will pass, and then it will come again. And pass. That’s how people achieve peace in the continued dissatisfied state of life.

Now, if you’re a non-functioning, or at least somewhat impaired and lacking in the ability to fully thrive in each moment while pushing for the next (and unless you’re legitly a dog, you’ve at least experienced this at some point. “Depression. It’s the common cold of mental illness.” they tell me. They have me write over and over and over.) Then you’ll struggle to find satisfaction in the dissatisfaction of constantly moving forward. You’ll remember to clearly and long for the days gone by, of the moments of intimate connection that are still there but not here with you in the present. Because that’s life, a ceaseless aging and evaporating of both the good and the bad in each moment passing by.

“Learn to let go.” Cuz that’s where the happiness, the shallowness, the complete unaware blissfulness lies.



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