Just because I’m single, doesn’t mean my heart is free. 

There’s a girl back home. It’s always a girl. You tell yourself you’re not going to do it, not going to open up and let another one into your heart, but you do. You can’t help it. There’s a girl size hole in your heart, but no girl can ever seem to fill it for long, to fill it forever. So you get used to just living with an empty girl sized hole, telling yourself you can get by on your own just fine. That all you need is Shelby.

These were the thoughts flitting through Mistress Molly’s mind as she brushed her teeth in the shared bathroom. It had taken forever for her to finally get a chance to get in there and clean up for bed. She was sharing the house with three other’s, all male, which she found very annoying, but knew they would find sexist if she said anything.

Shelby is relegated to Molly’s room when Mistress is out. There’s too great a chance that she would try to slip out into the cold streets.  she doesn’t want her slipping out the front door.

Jeremy keeps talking to her. She’s only been there for three days, but right from the start, he singled her out to be his. She’s not acquiescing easily. Sure, she could just tell him the truth, that she’s a lesbian aching for her old girl, she does, in fact, try to, “Well, I’m not really into men. I’m kind of more into women.”

“But you’ve been with a man before right?”

“uuuuhhhhh” She makes the Tina Belcher sound.

“See. That’s good.”

Great. Exactly whatever girl wants, a man telling her how to be with her sexuality and trying to define her. She tries to lessen their relationship but is rebuffed then too. “I have a no roommate policy.”

“That’s stupid. Because I think you’re really nice, and I’m really lonely and I don’t think it’s unreasonable for us to hang out. What? You probably feel like I’m harassing you, don’t you? Well, I’m sorry. I feel like it’s sexist. Because if I was a girl you would be open to doing stuff with me.”

Literally. She smirks and eats her bagel.




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