Jeremy is becoming the bane of her existence.

“If you took anti-anxiety medication you would have a nice head of hair, like mine. I’ve  been on anti-anxiety for 10-years now and see how nice my hair is.”

“I see.”

She keeps Shelby tucked away most of the time because the guys have taken to brutalizing her when she’s out. Everytime Jeremy sees Shelby, he lures her over with a piece of string he’s taken to keeping in his pocket – like seriously how annoying can men be? – then once Shelby comes over he strokes her nice and makes her purr. That’s fine, but it soon changes to a game where he scratches her on her ears and makes her shake and make a yucky face. He laughs and laughs at her.

Molly hasn’t had a chance to meet one of the guys. His name is Atticus and he’s two years younger than Molly and is always up at 5-am and tucked away in his room by the time she gets back from the closing shift.

From what she has seen of Atticus, the brief hellos she gets from him as he heads out in the morning for work, he seems nice enough. About six-foot and dishwasher blond – yes it’s dishwasher, not dishwater because that’s just mean – that he wears gelled up to make himself two-inches taller. He’s all business down to the ridiculous leather briefcase.

Note: Molly wonders if he actually keeps briefcases in there, or cases of boxer briefs. He has yet to disclose such information.

The other roommate is simple stoner dude Sean. He’s in his mid-thirties and is in Portland working as a contract manager at an ex-Holiday Inn that is making the switch into a Marriot. They’ve gotten high a few times together, which is nice.

Jeremy is still talking to her. She raises her hand, “Good talk. I’ll talk to my doctor about anti-anxiety. Thanks.”

“I mean you really should.” He keeps talking to her as she climbs the complaining stairs. “I keep finding your hair everywhere.” She tries to go in her room, but he’s followed her up, “Hey. Again. Good talk. I”m going to go to bed now.” “Okay, no need to be so stand-offish.”

You can’t win people. You can’t win.

She closes herself in her room. Shelby’s there. The snuggles begin and she remembers how to breathe.






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