Molly is settling – it’s only been two weeks, but she already has a job, thanks to a letter of recommendation to Random Order Coffee and Pie Café from her old manager. The main struggle with moving, of course, is meeting new people and establishing communal feeling. That’s where the coffee shop lifestyle suits her fine. Plus, it’s a great way to meet ladies.

Not that she’s on the market or should even be looking yet. Misstress found out her girlfriend was more straight than ‘bi’ and was sleeping with one of their mutual friends only a month before leaving for Portland. They had planned on breaking up before the move, so that neither would feel “restrained” as Anna – Molly’s ex – so elegantly put it.

Of course, it was all just a ruse, so that they could come out to Molly after she’d moved, but Richard, a fellow barista dropped the bomb that he’d seen them come in the clear morning after getup – smudged mascara, hand holding, giggling like a high school gaggle.

“Calm down, calm down.” Thinking it about it still brings a rush of anger and tears. Molly focuses on the couple ordering in front of her. They’re holding hands and doing a bumping thing, where the lady bumps him and then he keeps looking up at the menu and then down at her, “Well, I’d like an apple pie…” She bumps him again looking up into his face; he looks down at her and raises his left eyebrow, “you?”

“Apple pie for me as well with a scoop of ice cream if you’ve got it.”

“We do,” Molly says smiling, “Would you like ice cream with yours too?” “Yes, actually that sounds good.” Molly smiles to herself as she enters the order into the iPad and calls it back. And that folks, is how to do an add-on and subsequently make a little more of a percentage tip. 

They’re happy sitting at a table talking about their week, their life, the weather. “Hopefully it won’t get as cold this winter.” “Yeah, last years snow was a disaster.” “Thank goodness you taught me how to drive in the snow back in high school.” She bumps him again.

Molly sets their order on the bar and calls it. He stands then turns and looks back at her, “I’m not getting yours.” She laughs and they both retrieve their ice cream and pie.

“They’re cute aren’t they?” It’s Jacob preparing another shot. Molly turns to him, “Yeah they are.”





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