Jeremy made a joke about cleaning her room

She didn’t even smile.

“So what did you do today?” He asks for the second time. Molly repeats, “You know, nothing much” and adds, “just sat around dranking coffee.” Pause. Pause. Paaauuusseeeee, “You?”

“Oh you know, mostly just hung out here, drank some coffee, I did some cleaning.”

She looks around, “Oh yeah. Nice. It’s always so clean around here.”

“yeah, I did a little bit down here, mostly though I cleaned upstairs.. . in my room.”

“Okay, nice I wouldn’t know.”

“Yeah, I didn’t clean your room.” He laughs; alone.

“Yeah because I definitely would know if you did.”

Those horrible minutes where she regrets ever wanting popcorn, every buying popcorn, hating Orville Redenbacher. Because those were some painful two minutes.

Shelby is yeowing for her upstairs in her room. I feel the exact same way. I feel the exact same…





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