What a lesbian moment.

Molly couldn’t help it though. She walked into work that day and her eyes couldn’t look away. She was stunning. Blond highlights in thick straight hair tousled around her face and down her shoulders, flipping up over her head making a little frame almost pompadour, she’s looking, catching of eyes in a jar of time for a moment, she’s creeping her out with her stair but she can’t look away but she does because she doesn’t want to creep her out the exact opposite. She goes behind the counter and back to the back to set her stuff down.

Daer reader the aforementioned lady is worthy of description: she’s wearing this adorable vintage dress that has a prairie design skirt and a heart-shaped neckline, she’s paired it with a moto jacket, wedges, and belted it all together with leather straps including a leather hip pouch (yes a fancy way of saying fanny pack :wink_wink:)

Her face is one of those that exudes energy. There’s a warm glow coming from it, but there’s a hint of sadness unseen beneath the first glace. Her eyelids are wearing sparkly pink eyeshadow and the rest of her makeup is a subdued i-woke-up-like-this.

Molly wonders what she likes to do for fun, if she’s a reader, what books she likes to read, does she write, who is she hear with?

Because of the obvious awkwardness of her stare, Molly goes up and tells her, “I’m sorry to stare, I just think you’re really beautiful.” “Oh, you’re so sweet. You’re really beautiful yourself. I’m just a mirror.”

Ah, the struggle. “I think you’re cute.” “You too!” Girls. Easy to complement, but the problem arises because they never realize Molly’s actually hitting on them and would ‘like to get to know you more’ type of thing. At least that was how it started with Anna. Slow, friendship and then the love.

Or what she thought was love.

Molly prepares a shot, ah the struggle. The lesbian struggle. is real. She laughs and pours.



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