Creepin’ Creep

just a waiting a creeping back you push me away but i won’t have that because you know you’re really nice and we have a lot in common you know you’re popping pro and so am i so lets get together yeah yeah yeah two is always twice as dumb so i kicked his sorry ass but not well enough creepin back down the hall checkin out my room creeping kicking again the face of a dog is sad and shouldn’t be hit but creeping back into me trying to access my soul angry why won’t you let me in you know because we have so much in common you don’t have any sex drive but i worked through that i can help wanna see these pictures of me fuck no fuck no fuck no i would prefer not to makes me uncomfortable oh well sorry that you feel that way that i’m a bother i feel so guilty why don’t you see you know
we have so much in common



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