her breasts are beautiful heavy in my hands each one a memory just for me she’s smiling i know i feel it the curving up of her lips matching the arches arching back into me i press her back down releasing one of her breasts for a moment “arch your back, yeah like that, that’s it,” she’s making a soft whimpering sound i put my head back down and outline her round and round a trolley on a winding wayward track circling the glory of things to come of a hope in the future she’s sighing her eyes are closing i know they flutter i squeeze right than left her back is arching up guiding it down again this time with my tongue licking up the flow coming more steady now soft honey sweet goodness of the rain in spring raining down “oh babbeeee” i try to hide my smile but i know she’s seeing colors i pull up for a breathe ‘describe it to me, my love my darling’ ‘you’re there,,,,,,, and im ,,,,,, there threee,,,,,’ uuuuummmm huuummmm replying deep vibrating down and up her my body trembles all its own it’s difficult you know the rush of coming alive again her in my hands more than friends she’s bending somewhere she’s screaming a voice so far away but her right here inside of her here i pull her hand back back to me she’s wailing poor sweet woman woman is what she is, she’s circling with her fingers my tongue a lizard fetching all the warmth that she has to give blank spaces at the crossing cars running off tracks going far if she hears me i know she does well run together into the rising sun and when it comes it always does when we’re together breaking through waves lashing against the shore her hair is wet from the tears running down her chest rolling with the tidal waves call me the moon sweet ocean rise and together we’ll fly young fillies in the sky




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