“What’s so amazing about you is that you don’t expect anything from me. Like most girls i’ve been with before are always like ‘is this it?’ … you know like is all we do is sit around having great sex and that’s all? I like that I don’t have to wine and dine you and that we got to skip all of that and just get right to the great sex part.”

“Thank you.”

I’m curled up naked on his bed after a good fucking. We tried a new position this time. I like it. Especially the way his penis tickles me when he finishes and it starts to relax inside of me.

He’s come back after taking a shower. He doesn’t stay long for pillow talk, more of a jump up and clean off and then get to work, because sex really inspires him he says.

“Now that is a sight I like to see.”


“A beautiful kitten laying naked on my bed.”

He takes out his camera and snaps some pictures of me. I’m his so it’s okay. “Do you need anything? Pancakes?” “Yes, please.” He goes into the living area and turns on his throw-back 80s electro-mod. I sign from the position he left me in, a child pose with legs further apart for access. My hips begin to ache. I reach my tail around and fluff it in my face. It makes me giggle.

“What? What are you giggling about you silly kitten?” I giggle again and then roll over onto mysids. Arms and legs in the air, big stretching, “oh nothing.” I have an afterward glow. I scratch my right ear and roll onto the floor taking our sex blanket with me, fashioning an old school toga. It drags behind me, my tail giving it life as I wander into the mailroom and curl onto the loveseat purring softly to the music.

“Someone’s happy.” I sparkle at him. He’s so handsome in the kitchen making pancakes. He’s not what would be considered a great beauty, but in my eyes, he’s the world. He has brown fluffy hair and a fit body. He’s tall and a bit chunky but i don’t mind. His arms are strong and it feels good when he strokes me.

It’s his eyes that i’m imprinted too.

The blue of the seas. All of the seas, changing hue and depth depending on the lighting and his mood. They’re both terrifying and addicting. When i’m the object of their gaze, i’m captive.



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