Men are such funny creatures and no I don’t mean men like mankind… I mean men like men like the being of Mankind specifically designated by the protrusion of their reproductive organs that include a little sack of skin that houses their supply of genetic send offs which the said sack is protruding from the body in order to keep it from over heating in the way that banana’s are left out of the refrigerator in order to keep them from turning brown but the opposite in terms of temperature, nevertheless it is not this fact about men that makes them funny creatures, however it cannot be said to not, not make them funny creatures and does in its own right add to their funniness.

It’s not possible, you’re the only one seeing it, that’s how it’s real to you because it’s not possible.

Amanda was, or is rather, a real Asexual. She gets it. The funniness and oddity that is Man. When the teacher read to us “The Phantom Tollbooth” with the kid who is only half a kid character, well at the end of the book when the teacher, Mrs. Randal, asked us to draw our favorite Character Amanda drew the half-kid and drew him as a half kid missing his legs, not the half down the middle like the kid in the book – Mrs. Randal’s hadn’t been showing us the pictures so that we were forced to imagine the characters on our own, so at the end of the book when she asked us to draw our favorite character – as we imagined them, Amanda decided to draw and thus produce the image of a boy missing his legs and mystically floating about, in the missing of his legs he was also naturally missing in other things – that of his reproductive organs; this was – is ­- an early sign of something Amanda was born into – the asexuality showing her colors. Amanda didn’t think the kid was funny; in fact to this day she’ll vouch that her drawing is a more accurate representation of the half kid from the book.


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