Her name is Kanga and she’s a Kangaroo. Her friends make fun of her because she’s ‘fat’ but she’s really good at what she does which is hopping of course. She wears a pouch over her pouch with a little flower pin on it. She’s shy about her stomach, but she’s mastered the triple-threat-jump-twirl which allows her to sour over the heads of her enemies’ and conquer the space between.
Her best friend is Lilly, she’s cute and has purple pigtails. Everyone loves her and Kanga loves her too, but Lily is dating frogger. They’re very serious, they even have a kid together from high-school. Sometimes Kanga worries, or rather she worries all the time, but sometimes she worries about Lily ending up like Jerry and Roger. Together for a baby, but unhappy to their core. Lily is even better at hopping then Kanga is, however she hasn’t mastered the heights of the triple-threat-jump-twirl like Kanga has.

This was written for three years olds.

Her name is Kanga. She’s a Kangaroo. Don’t do drugs.


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