SometimesThe ChapterEnds WhenYou Close TheBook

it’s so peaceful here… after the war has faded back into the walls the ghost are growing fainter… each year a nail in the coffin of what has happened here… the stones are growing faded the vegetation overcoming what hours of talking never could… peace talks are nothing… as the open arms of moving on and letting go… not forgetting… never forgotten… but not so close… not still bleeding… tourniquet above my head… scars not to be reopened… graves best left



And she’s waiting for something to happen, but the something doesn’t come quick enough for her angst against the world and confusion about her place.
because maybe she doesn’t belong here at all and maybe she doesn’t belong there either but does it really matter as long as she goes on.
So she reloads her mind and refreshes life page hoping for something that will never come but at least at least she gave it a good run.


the anger is real feel it don’t let it go until it’s felt fully and then it will evaporate into the air the anger of losing you to a man because you lied and never intended to give tacos a chance breathe soft but deep and let you go before I go home into your arms the arms meant for another this is a bad idea i know but i can’t stop circling your world can’t stop wondering about you and entrapped by you I once was no longer this is probably a bad idea in the going back they say don’t go back but what they fuck do they know and who are they the voices in my head obviously picked up from songs and cues of social nature of social nature of social nature and i broke the record gave the love away and evaporated my heart done i’m done.


<start><could it be that i overestimated you over esteemed who you are in the distance between us started to pretend that you were my magic man when really you’re just a lame man from the suburbs living your life longing for a love i could never give you never give you what you wanted when you wanted it so i ran as i always do and now just roman ta sizing you my old lover my once friend now departed in a land of no more you but in my dreams you’re amazing you’re not you just a big figment of what i think i need but what i need isn’t you if it was it would of happened back then when you had the chance to bring this to a happy end so good bye good bye goodbye again and again and again i’m not coming back to you not turning back to your lover my old no longer friend><end>



Her name is Kanga and she’s a Kangaroo. Her friends make fun of her because she’s ‘fat’ but she’s really good at what she does which is hopping of course. She wears a pouch over her pouch with a little flower pin on it. She’s shy about her stomach, but she’s mastered the triple-threat-jump-twirl which allows her to sour over the heads of her enemies’ and conquer the space between.
Her best friend is Lilly, she’s cute and has purple pigtails. Everyone loves her and Kanga loves her too, but Lily is dating frogger. They’re very serious, they even have a kid together from high-school. Sometimes Kanga worries, or rather she worries all the time, but sometimes she worries about Lily ending up like Jerry and Roger. Together for a baby, but unhappy to their core. Lily is even better at hopping then Kanga is, however she hasn’t mastered the heights of the triple-threat-jump-twirl like Kanga has.

This was written for three years olds.

Her name is Kanga. She’s a Kangaroo. Don’t do drugs.

Yellow Glasses

Don’t be negative. Don’t wallow. Don’t be a stinker. Don’t be a pooper. Just turn that frown upside down! Think of all the fun you’ll get up to, all the adventures. All the friends you have and will make. You’re so great. Everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to hang out with you. Don’t complain. You’re looking at it wrong. Make the change to see things sunny. Here! You need a hand? Put on these yellow glasses.


All better.

she’s wild honey

i miss you and i want you as i’m lying here longing for you/ she didn’t inspire this in me/ he didn’t leave a trace to remember/ there are ones who came before and you will come after / but come for me now/ i miss you and i want you/ and it’s burning me bad/ don’t leave me here waiting/ wondering where you are/ i don’t care i don’t care/ just as long as you let me/ come to you because you want me to/ i miss you and i want you/ and if you don’t say so now/ because the thoughts won’t stop/ and your lips are on mine