let’s rephrase it and give it new meaning
they call it fat – I call it feeding
you say yellow – I say banana
don’t try to trick me
I’m not your purple panda

and he told me that i’m crazy
and he put me on the drugs
and i flushed them down the trash
and smashed his face along too
i don’t want to think like you
sorry you don’t like my mind
but this little mind of mine
i’m going to let it shine

they lock you up if you’re skinny
they laugh you out if you’re not
there’s no winning in this world
but at least don’t let them take your thoughts

so I flushed them down the trash
i don’t want them to control it
going to lie in bed and thrash
going to think these thoughts and know
this little mind of mine of mine
gonna let it shine shine shine

Pretty Women




there are ghost in this house.ghost of unnamable horror. they drift about like nothing is wrong. one is dying one is not. they’re beautiful the public says they have money the colleagues say look how far they’ve come how far they stepped back how much one has lost one faster than the other stepping into a hole only pal-bearers should fill but not yet

“God I’m so jealous of how skinny she is!” “I know same! That’s like my dream body.”

the clock down the hall.