Piggi Piggi

somewhere in the middle
I’m disappearing
between Vega and Vaca I lost my way
The Doors I reached for never came
The girl left me waiting for knot
the man I once loved went bye
on a time when things made cents
and change I carried
in a little bank in my room
piggi piggi
squeaky chair


Thanks and credit
ig: mbrown6733
fb: Anissa

Question, Man

I glance back at the sound of footsteps. There’s a man approaching rapidly from behind me. I just got off the bus, and I’m assuming he did too.
“Hey where’s your accent from.” Dear Lord he’s daned to talk to me. As they say in the office – he’s being straightforward to – but his dick is definitely sideways in his pants because … well room… and “Texas” “Oh man. Are you going home to your boyfriend?” “Yes.” “A, that makes sense I bet you’ve got two boyfriends.” “nope.” “Do you drink?” “I’m more of a smoker.” “Oh that’s nice. Have you got weed on you now?” narrows eyes 7/11 approaching up ahead… he turns off. “Well if your boyfriend every messes up I’ve got a name and a number.” i’m sure you do “I’ve never done a texas girl before” #goals.

“You know what makes it so hard? That you’re so pretty Monkey. If you weren’t so pretty this would be a lot easier.”
After every what is supposed to be a one night stand then a leave me alone… this is why sex isn’t worth it… they always want more… always want to commit. like fuck off buddy.
“Okay, what I’m hearing is that you just were horny and that’s why you had sex with me. Is that right?” “Yep.” “So you’re a lier. Everything you said about how you like being with me and want to be with me forever when we were wasted and fucking on the couch is a lie?”
am I the only one who sees the gap in the logic here?

I’m ‘reading’ I am Legend right now… or I’m carrying it around with me and trying to be motivated to read it… but it really annoys me that there are literally no female characters except for the female vampires that he completely sexualizes and experiments on. like fuck this man.


The wolves are coming down around the bend. You can hear their paws churning up the snow like a magic wand blender pound pound pound crunch crunch crunch. You’re inside. You’ve got your feet kicked up on an antique table – one that will eventually become an heirloom – except it already is – you like to forget that your grandma didn’t die last year after selling everything she couldn’t seal in the coffin – more surprised that she didn’t cremate herself in the house – still it was nice of the neighbors to have an estate sale thereby allowing you to refurbish your home – once your grandmothers home pronto.
But the wolves. They’ve been doing this every night. There’s been a problem with wolves once the intactivist starting promoting the rebuilding and reestablishing of the forest – nice and good in theory but no less than 3 cats have already been lost to the intactivist. Your girlfriend’s was one of them – when you still couldn’t manage to cry at the little cat funeral she had she broke up with you. But here’s the thing – emotions aren’t your thing and she knows that. She just came to the incorrect conclusion that if you really loved her – like you say you do everytime you cum – you would at least squirt a lemon in your eye to cry.

she wakes up with a start …. “Aaaaaooooooooo Aaaaaaaaaoooooo you hurt me now i’ve gotta let you go.”

“Habits” (Stay High) by Tove Lo: https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/62N2JSA0jHmSH7Va9t7hIf
“Coyotes” by Wild Belle: https://open.spotify.com/embed/track/775ZnZKfoXpthFYQv5zHbJ



just sent out a snap about a chicken in the dog tee shirt. Hope it wasn’t a frozen dog but a frozen chicken and don’t want to know what happened to the dog or what’s going to happen to the chicken but really hope it wasn’t a frozen dog in the teeshirt and that he’s going to eat it.

name: CherryCoconutSoup

her name is Cherry Coconut Soup. Nope; all one word like; CherryCoconutSoup. She goes by Coconut because it is less weird than Cherry in that she got tired of putting up with all the pop-your-cherry jokes; because she is beautiful at least in the conventional sense which she finds boring to no end; sure she’s got long blonde hair that on normal days behaves in a way that guys seem to want to touch and her legs are as they say ‘endless’ in the sense that she’s 5’9″ and leggy; sure the sons of concord or whatever those weirdo’s names are wrote a song that might as well be about her ‘leggy leggy leggy blondeee’ but she hates that song and only brings it up with the douche bags who like to point out ‘dude, and you’re legs, like i hadn’t noticed before but they’re endless.’ it’s so cliché it pains her who gives a damn about what’s in her mind as long as she keeps smiling; because smiling is her job she makes smiling her favorite because work is her favorite and work is smiling that’s what pays the bills frowning brings down the hammer and no one likes a debbie downer; really you look at yourself and think about it; do you like seeing a frown? or would you rather click your heels and remember to TurnThatFrownUpsideDown and common’ girl break it down! She dances sometimes but mostly she just gets angry at all the men that shove and push to grind on her like no-I-dont-actually-enjoy-the-feel-of-you-r-errect-penis-shoving-agaist-my-soft-skirt-through-your-rough-as-fuck-jeans and yes I do actually prefer grinding with my girls even though they are not the lesbians they’re telling you they are watch as one of them makes out with the guy at the bar ‘what you doing making out with my girl?!’ naw admit it… everyone prefers the girl who smiles.
not the one who thinks.


It’s all so ineffectual and lame. Coming up with excuses to negate the game.

Wow broke the fourth wall because that makes it more real – more real than the pain behind the dead girls who got deleted but not forgotten for now, but hey at least you got a kick and a laugh a chill and a shiver a response from someone across the waves.

Love you, Monika the squid, always,



“I don’t want to hear it Monkey. I just broke up with my girlfriend a week ago and I’m really learning about what it means to separate from someone.”

to separate from someone. It sounds painful and it is. It’s a coming apart of the pieces of the project you built together. The inside jokes that will be left behind in a time when there was the other one to get them. Now it’s just me. Smiling sadly and looking at my hands wondering what to do with them in photographs. At least there was what there was for a time and in that time those moments are. But here now they’re no more and no more is the world we had together. It’s a closing of the doors and looking forward and breaking off of the rearview mirror.

“It’ll be good. Give you time to start investing in new people.”

And so one starts over and one starts over. No longer two no longer.


“What’s so amazing about you is that you don’t expect anything from me. Like most girls i’ve been with before are always like ‘is this it?’ … you know like is all we do is sit around having great sex and that’s all? I like that I don’t have to wine and dine you and that we got to skip all of that and just get right to the great sex part.”

“Thank you.”

I’m curled up naked on his bed after a good fucking. We tried a new position this time. I like it. Especially the way his penis tickles me when he finishes and it starts to relax inside of me.

He’s come back after taking a shower. He doesn’t stay long for pillow talk, more of a jump up and clean off and then get to work, because sex really inspires him he says.

“Now that is a sight I like to see.”


“A beautiful kitten laying naked on my bed.”

He takes out his camera and snaps some pictures of me. I’m his so it’s okay. “Do you need anything? Pancakes?” “Yes, please.” He goes into the living area and turns on his throw-back 80s electro-mod. I sign from the position he left me in, a child pose with legs further apart for access. My hips begin to ache. I reach my tail around and fluff it in my face. It makes me giggle.

“What? What are you giggling about you silly kitten?” I giggle again and then roll over onto mysids. Arms and legs in the air, big stretching, “oh nothing.” I have an afterward glow. I scratch my right ear and roll onto the floor taking our sex blanket with me, fashioning an old school toga. It drags behind me, my tail giving it life as I wander into the mailroom and curl onto the loveseat purring softly to the music.

“Someone’s happy.” I sparkle at him. He’s so handsome in the kitchen making pancakes. He’s not what would be considered a great beauty, but in my eyes, he’s the world. He has brown fluffy hair and a fit body. He’s tall and a bit chunky but i don’t mind. His arms are strong and it feels good when he strokes me.

It’s his eyes that i’m imprinted too.

The blue of the seas. All of the seas, changing hue and depth depending on the lighting and his mood. They’re both terrifying and addicting. When i’m the object of their gaze, i’m captive.


her breasts are beautiful heavy in my hands each one a memory just for me she’s smiling i know i feel it the curving up of her lips matching the arches arching back into me i press her back down releasing one of her breasts for a moment “arch your back, yeah like that, that’s it,” she’s making a soft whimpering sound i put my head back down and outline her round and round a trolley on a winding wayward track circling the glory of things to come of a hope in the future she’s sighing her eyes are closing i know they flutter i squeeze right than left her back is arching up guiding it down again this time with my tongue licking up the flow coming more steady now soft honey sweet goodness of the rain in spring raining down “oh babbeeee” i try to hide my smile but i know she’s seeing colors i pull up for a breathe ‘describe it to me, my love my darling’ ‘you’re there,,,,,,, and im ,,,,,, there threee,,,,,’ uuuuummmm huuummmm replying deep vibrating down and up her my body trembles all its own it’s difficult you know the rush of coming alive again her in my hands more than friends she’s bending somewhere she’s screaming a voice so far away but her right here inside of her here i pull her hand back back to me she’s wailing poor sweet woman woman is what she is, she’s circling with her fingers my tongue a lizard fetching all the warmth that she has to give blank spaces at the crossing cars running off tracks going far if she hears me i know she does well run together into the rising sun and when it comes it always does when we’re together breaking through waves lashing against the shore her hair is wet from the tears running down her chest rolling with the tidal waves call me the moon sweet ocean rise and together we’ll fly young fillies in the sky