Why don’t we love ourselves like we love our shoes?

My converse… these are shoes that have been places and seen things and carry on…. in my opinion they look more beautiful now that they are worn…. the stains and cracks….

Understandable to be sad when they get too worn. Too old.

But don’t start hating them… continue to love them and want them to last just a little bit longer… till finally you have to let them go.


Delete her.

Because people kill themselves every day.

And I just keep playing and playing

like it’s no big deal.

Like I’ll actually find


a way out.

(only a dead you will make me happy)XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

800P 😀

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Worship Me

direct me, and worship me, if you so choose.

I’m just a model for you to use.

Explore all my pieces, explore all my parts,

to try and figure out what makes up my heart.

But good luck understanding, from just the pieces.

What it is that makes my mind tick.

But if you stumble along some truth on the way.

Enjoy the tidbit and have a good day, sir

for you see I won’t be hanging around here much more,

I don’t like being your object, not a prize for you to explore