she’s wild honey

i miss you and i want you as i’m lying here longing for you/ she didn’t inspire this in me/ he didn’t leave a trace to remember/ there are ones who came before and you will come after / but come for me now/ i miss you and i want you/ and it’s burning me bad/ don’t leave me here waiting/ wondering where you are/ i don’t care i don’t care/ just as long as you let me/ come to you because you want me to/ i miss you and i want you/ and if you don’t say so now/ because the thoughts won’t stop/ and your lips are on mine



agitation is deep/ unseated it’s not safe/ not the kind of agitation/ the agitation you/ can control/ an agitated agitation stirring up riot within/ for what?/ you’re not exactly sure/ But you’re determined/ to keep striking out/ hitting harder to hit deeper/ going wider instead of deeper/ shallow cove of thoughts unfinished/ like everything else in your life/
love you had the last time/ you loved for the last time/ you’ve been loved before and loved after/ but only daring to fall once/ jumping and deciding/ don’t down/ it’s fine/ that’s best and usually only way that it – love – is done… cutting too deep/ sending you, too far


Why don’t we love ourselves like we love our shoes?

My converse… these are shoes that have been places and seen things and carry on…. in my opinion they look more beautiful now that they are worn…. the stains and cracks….

Understandable to be sad when they get too worn. Too old.

But don’t start hating them… continue to love them and want them to last just a little bit longer… till finally you have to let them go.

Worship Me

direct me, and worship me, if you so choose.

I’m just a model for you to use.

Explore all my pieces, explore all my parts,

to try and figure out what makes up my heart.

But good luck understanding, from just the pieces.

What it is that makes my mind tick.

But if you stumble along some truth on the way.

Enjoy the tidbit and have a good day, sir

for you see I won’t be hanging around here much more,

I don’t like being your object, not a prize for you to explore


A Ramble On Love

Little Broken Hearts….

Love is something rarely found and even when found, is it more than hormones firing and does it actually matter?

I’ve just started connecting with a man,…. but I’m getting ready to leave so that’s the struggle. This is why I hate the go the whole wide word song… because you don’t know when you’re going to ‘find somebody’ it’s not something you can actually just go around the world looking for. It’s something that just happens.

So much of religion seems to rely on the idea of a greater power connecting and guiding people to each other. But what if it’s just a combo of chance, and sometimes we get lucky and stumble upon something, something that’s real.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”
― J.K. RowlingHarry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

This quote has always haunted me and how much of life it actually applies to. People are always trying to ‘prove’ that something is true, that something is real, and in the process disprove that what you ‘feel’ is just in your head and heart. As if what you know and feel in your heart is less real, not just ‘well that’s your truth’ that’s demeaning bull shit. It’s not ‘just’ your truth or your reality. It’s real.

So when you find love, when you stumble into connection, looked for or otherwise, it’s real. You know it’s real because your heart tells you it is. The heart is not a liar and we cannot knowingly lie to ourselves, we say we were lying to ourselves when we’re unhappy with the results of our decisions, and then we blame those results on an untrue heart.

Anywoo, stop trying to analyze people and just enjoy it when it happens, if it does, you’ll know. And it will be real.

Ramble. Over.