Doll Parts

Doll Parts because that’s what expected of the female body. To fit into an idea – not just body types beyond that there are all KINDS of dolls remember – but the ideal of legs without blemishes and shakes and firm arms of perfect mathematical proportions. And sure, Courtney at 5’10” literally had a carbon breathing copy of a doll body… the only flaw in it that actually made her more sexy because it showed that she was the magical doll brought to life are her veins.

but there are two kinds of dolls.

the beautiful perfect dolls.

brand new

unplayed with

un sullied.

and then the scary dolls

the one left on the floor of a haunted house the kinds that boys bring girls too to feel macho to have the excuse to hold her hold her hold her tight the sweat of your hands dripping off on to her contaminating her sully sully don’t be sullen, doll don’t cry

kept on display and laughed at merely a trophy in the case or a terrifying dream erased $5000 drops to $5.50 three dollars if you’re lucky in a car wondering why

you didn’t go to law school

and there is joy in the breaking for them joy in reflecting on the memories of when she was new when she was fresh when she was something to collect and the best part about dolls is there’s always a new model and fish can die on plastic legs

daughters aren’t safe that doesn’t solve it ‘oh everyone is someone’s duahter’ exactly sicko and ever girl born wanting dolls becoming one

but men fuck dolls

and money fucks men

when the money runs out and the meds aren’t hard enough

the ache will come

and your heart will die.



It Vibrates: Thoughts on Sex Dolls

He thinks that’s the direction it’s moving. She maintains eye contact as something within her dies. Her mind is filled with machetes and decapitated men.
“Because I don’t know if you’re aware, but guys watch a lot of porn.”
“Oh, I’m aware.”
By direction, he thinks men having relationships with sex dolls is not only the way it’s moving but the way of the future. In other words, women will finally be demoted from caring for the sexual needs of men. Another phrasing is men will finally have perfect sex toys and will no longer want to have sex with real women.

“I mean it’s so customizable and you can get exactly what you want.”
True, and no emotional baggage along with the girl, no after sex talk, unless you want that with a Siri like being, and no complaining about the pubes all over your toilet and the nasty man stink, no more condoms, wasting money on dates, or jealousy when you order your 5th doll. And when you get tired of one, you can literally throw her away.