It’s just Pizza.

it’s a dangerous game of slide and catch
when you’re taking the turns
and you’re bodies not there yet
when the gas pedal elicits no response
that’s when you turn your gps off
somewhere on the way
flew off the tracks
back and down
crash crash


It’s just Pizza.

Anna And Molly Meet Cute

Molly first met Anna back in their freshman year of college. Both girls, or young ladies, signed up for a feminist sci-fi literature class. Molly figured this would be a great way to start her freshman year and meet likeminded individuals, plus it was the only class still available by the time the University of Texas (UT) opened up class registration to the incoming freshman.

Of course, it was taught by a graduate student, but that just made it all the more amazing and empowering, at least in the mind of Molly whose mother had discouraged her from going to UT because “all those freshman classes are taught by graduate students and not real professors so it’s really a waste of money when you could be at a community college with real professors and living at home.” yeah, but the catch was living at home and going to community college.

The class proved a huge disappointment in the sense of getting to meet like-minded individuals. Molly knew this the moment she walked in. It was full of men. The professor-not-real-professor’s name was Sam and she was amazing, Molly still follows her on twitter, but the rest of the class was a bunch of freshman dudes who only signed up for it because it fit their schedule and was open. There was one exception though, the fiery Anna, who showed up late and introduced herself as a feminist who signed up for the class to meet like-minded individuals and who hated high school, the patriarchy, and lizards. Molly wasn’t sure what lizards had to do with anything but she was intrigued, to say the least.

That was the first meeting. The two of them didn’t get to connect a lot that semester, but they did connect once, and deeply during finals week.

Molly was wandering around West Campus; the non-school property area to the West of campus that is dominated by old apartments and large privately owned dorms and consists of 99% students, when she ran into Anna.

“Hey Anna!” Molly waved and she came over. “Man I’m so pissed at all the men ruining the vibes in our fem lit class.” “Same! But Sam is awesome!” “Agreed I have the biggest girl crush on her.” “Me too! I told my boyfriend about her and he thinks she sounds crazy, but whatever.” Molly’s heart sank, so not only was Anna taken, but she was straight. “Yeah well, men tend to not get the fem struggle.” “True, he’s a good guy and tries to but ya know.” Molly didn’t, but she nodded.

They parted ways. “Are you going home for winter break?” “Yeah are you?” “Naw I’m staying in town and working.” “That makes sense.” Their eyes met and, for a moment, it was understood. “We really should do something together. You’re the only other cool person in that class.” “Agreed. I feel the same.”

Three years.

Nothing. Just facebook, ig likes, and public comments. Then Anna walked into the coffee shop Molly was working at. Their eyes met. Recognition.

And a new start.