Alone and Free

“if you want to leave… take good care… ”

There’s a difference between being free and just being alone. Both are choices, to a certain extent, but so often the two are confused.

To be free is to exist in a delusional state of complete control of choice and not have to answer to anyone be it by choice or otherwise. In other words, the state of absolute freedom is absolute aloneness.

Ramble: The concept and promotion of freedom is valued in our culture, but not so much in reality. Everyone’s all about telling people to go be strong and you do you and don’t make decisions for others and don’t let others hold you back. But no one stops to think that they themselves are choosing to stay in a state of somewhat dependence – aka a hindrance of freedom – in order to be happy and comfortable instead.

“Don’t miss out on something because of your gf/bf…” “There’s always another fish in the sea.”

Swimming around in a lonely circle bowl. Free to change direction and do whatever, but no one around to do it with. But hey. You’re free to die anytime you like. No wait, that’s against the law too.

Because ultimately, absolute freedom is not comfortable. It’s lonely.

“hope you have a lot of nice things to wear…”