under a summermoon/ they meet/ toe to toe/ cheek to cheek/ banana spiders are yellow/ it’s true/ but burning love is the color for two/ and his is the hair of a summer breeze/ and hers are the eyes longing to be free/ the carcasses lay all around/ but into her his love he pounds/ physical restraints are useless/ when his is the soul she runs to/ she misses/ small is the time and space before/ together eternal forevermore/ enough is the feeling she holds when held/ wild satisfaction she gives him fulfilled/ together at their base the world stretches/ time disappears when they’re intermeshing/ his are the eyes of the purest blue/ when she fell into them he smiled/ he knew

~Pour Mon Amour

thanks and credit to those who came before… Shakespeare, Poe, and Debbie; naturally.
As always, special thanks to my true love and ever faithful; SummerMoon.



Give it Time

you’re the yuki to my yuno… be very careful my love, I’m coming for you. A night trap cap you can’t escape, the only other option is a kill you. Wanna run sure that’s normal but we could have so much more fun if you stop struggling; stop questioning your feelings because you know I know you know. Deep down that we are one and belong together forever, killing you would mean killing me, but if you try to run, run without me, i’ll do it. I swear.

Give it time. You’re totally going to fall in love with me soon. *insane laughter*

Yuno Thinking

Heaven is a place on earth with Yuki, and being god is only worthwhile to bring him back. 

It wasn’t supposed to end this way. The first time. MurMur didn’t tell me. No one did. Getting rid of people is the easy part. He always wondered why I am so good at killing with ease. Because killing is easy. It’s keeping him alive that’s the hard part.
I lied to him. But it’s a white lie. To keep him close. He wants his parents back. I understand that. I want him back.